SpyVibe-Ipcress File


On the show this week lots of new music including a debut of a new track from Thee Millionaire who you would know from Combustible Edison…he’s back! Jason Whiton from Spyvibe on the Ipcress File and news of an exotica track in the mainstream


It is the Cocktail nation on syndicated stations around the world and on iheart radio …   


Nicholas Godin- Quartier Général

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Come Out To Play

John Barry-A Man Alone

The Swongos – Grab the Loot

Mancini- Charade

Thee Millionaire & His Magnetic Syncopations-Bouncy Bouncy

Richard Cheese-Come Out and Play

Evan Drybread- The Downey Wives

Blue Dahlias-Love Is Here To Stay

Solitaire Miles – Born to Be Blue Sessions – Tenderly

Steve Haines – S Ketch Me If You Can

James Spencer-. Street Of Dreams

Tiki Delights-Planter’s Punch

John Eric Booth-I Got Plenty of Nothin’

Nat King Cole-Lost April