Lounge Special-Daniel Pemberton


On the show this week  a lounge special on Daniel Pemberton

Plus a look at Lounge Life magazine, a letter to the Penthouse and we go deep with another thought from my mind

It is the Cocktail nation on syndicated stations around the world and on iheart radio …   


Thee Millionaire-Fraülein Doktor

The Swongos –  Zombie Duck Dive

Daniel Pemberton-Moog Necklace

Richrd Cheese-Sharp Dressed Man

Bobby Troup- Five Days

Mancini- Baby Elephant Walk

Angelika-Any Way The Heart Goes

Janet Seidel- I Wish You Love

Evan Drybread-The Downey Wives

Mark Winkler – Old Devil Moon

Irving Joseph-April in Brownsville

Steeophonic Space Sound Unlimitd- Mysterious Mr Flynn

Frank Bennett-White Collar Crime