Lounge Special-Morricone


Cocktail Nation- Lounge Special-Morricone 

On the show this week a look at the life of Ennio Morrcone..an interesting story on the comeback of the humble cd..plus a weird criticism of Mad Men that I found online 

It is the Cocktail nation on syndicated stations around the world and on iheart radio .


Tiki Delights-Twist Of Lyman

Vibes On Velvet-Tainted Bells

Don Tiki-Hot Like Lave

Jean Fineberg-Synesthesia

Evan Drybread-Tiger Tail

Richard Cheese-Rebel Yell

New Cool Collective-Cherry Bond

Laura Ainsworth -Gold Finger

Piero Umilani-Mystery

Tiki Vibes-Swinging For the Fences

Narco Lounge Combo-Alphaville

Swongos-Grab The Loot