Cocktail Nation 649- Spyvibe-Lola

Spies are on the Agenda this week with Jason Whiton back from, we have a look at Lounge life magazine and the story of Raymond Burr and a secret he harboured.

Brian Setzer- Hollywood Nocturne

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimted-Catnip

Richard Cheese- Sharp Dressed Man

Martini Kings – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Laura Ainsworth-Goldfinger

Xavier Cugat- La Dolce Vita

Henry Mancini- Something For Cat

Holley Polley-Blue Rumba

Ferrante & Teicher-In The Rain

Quincy Jones- Soul Bossa Nova

Thomas Grillo- Secret Agents from the Id

Bill Irwin Group- Seduction

Jeff Goldblum-Caravan

Don Tiki-Hot Like Lava

Frank Bennet- You’re Just To Hip Baby