The Tale Of The Missing Leader Of A Country

This week a story that many outside the US don’t know.

One day an Australian Prime Minister, the head of our country one day disappeared. More on this fascinating story soon. Plus a new spy show you need to check to, courtesy of the BBC.

Narco Lounge Combo-Alphaville

Stereophonic Space Sound -Psisurf

Hugo Montenegro-A Martini Built For Two

Beegie Adair-I Get Along Without You Very Well

Anita O’day-I Believe In You

Daniel Pemberton- I Spy

Dolf Van Der Linden-Holiday In Hollywood

Tiki Delights-Twist Of Lyman

Dj Bonebrake-Bernstien 007

Skip Heller-Tomorrow The Green Grass

Ixtahuelle-Rarohengen Dance

Brent Laidler-Pretty Bossa

Bobby Darin-I Got Rhythmn

Frank Sinatra-Summer Wind