Words With Wellsy-Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Book


Gary Wells returns this week and something very interesting…Once Upon a Time in Hollywood the Book.  I’ve got a rant about a website that has lost it’s way and asking the question …how good is your memory, could you remember your wardrobe or the length of your hair from twenty years ago.


Jetset Sweden-Kriminalbyrån Svit Part 1

Stereophonic space Sound Unlimited- Something Comes Crawling

Martini Kings – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Theodore Schapiro-Labor of Love

Piero Umilani- Lounge Suite

Mancini-Mr. Lucky

Hugo Montenegro-The Silencers

Francesci Santucci- Tropicalia Chic

Richard Cheese- Get the Party Started

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Pearl Diver

Tiki Delights-Twist Of Lyman

Art Pepper-Smack Up

Xavier Cugat-La Dolce Vita

Diane Schur- Southwind

Daniel Pemberton- Restaurant Undercover.