Words With Wellsy -Edie Sedgwick


Mr Gary Wells is joining me on the radio this week talking all things Edie Sedgwick the American actress and fashion model, known for being one of Andy Warhol’s superstars and she became known as “The Girl of the Year” in 1965  

Speaking of books I shall also bring you a book I currently have on my beds side table.


Warner Chappell- Femme Fatale

The Exotic Lounge- Lost

Louisville Sluggers- Blow It Baby

Nutty- Tunisian Runaround

Dizzy Gillespie- Carioca

Ray Ventura- C’est Si Bon

Paige Delancy- Black Coffee

Jennie Smith- Tonight

Ana Gasteyer- I’m Hip

L ‘Exotighost- Sunny Garcia

Geri Gallen- Time On My Hands

David Carbonara- Aqua De Beber

Ennio Moricone- Deep Down (English Version) 

Bill Holman- Things We Did Last Summer

Ixtahuele- Stone Gods of Bimini

Three Suns- Fly Me To the Moon