Jason Whiton from Spyvibe back for his last segment of 2022 with another spy segment and this time talking about Hunter

I’ll let you know about some plans for 2023 and of course the best lounge and exotica from across the globe!


Dan Stein- Spy Groove

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited- Robotheque

Frank Smith-Hunter Theme

Ixtahuele- Scenes I-III

Johnny Mandel- Quietly There

Jackie Gleason-It Happened In Monterey

Tiki Delights-Summer Wind

Lalo Schifrin- Bullitt, Main Title (Movie Version)

Martini Kings-TimeSlipsAway

Tim Mayer- Fight Scenes

Barry Adamson- The Big Bamboozle

The Sexican- Cuarto De La Banda

Narco Lounge Combo -Drive-Through Boogaloo

The Exotica Lounge- Lost