Evenings At The Penthouse-A Favourite Place


If you haven’t been to the South Of France, do yourself a favour and visit the magical place that is Monaco !


Steve Yeager- Monte Carlo

The Martini Kings – Poincianna

Swingin Palms-Asleep On The Shore

Oscar Moore- April in Paris

Matt Holsen- Plenty Jaunty

Marlena Shaw-Ahmad’s Blues

John Neel- Bury Me Blue

Joey Altruda- Cocktails With Joey 

Jazz Singles- Another Cocktail

Linda Carone-Free and Easy

Eddie costa- I’ve Never Been In Love Before

Don Nuzzo- Bonded

Daniel Pemberton- I, Spy

Crawdaddy-Clean Caper

Calum Upton- Revolving Restaurant

Bill Evans-Gloria’s Step

 Chet Baker – Time On My Hands