Album Special-Breakfast At Tiffanys

This week we kick off a new segment as we take a look at a classic album you need in your collection. Plus in lounge life another nail in the coffin for AM radio and you will be surprised as to who has the hammer on this occasion


Alexander McCabe-Little Cutie.

Tiki Joe’s Ocean-Baxter Pad

Andy Williams-MoonRiver

Ellen LaFern- So Nice

Vibes On Velvet- Ink Mysterioso.

The Sexican- Cuarto De La Banda 

Ellington Hawk Harlem Nocturne

Narco Lounge Combo- Caravan

Ixtahuele-Land Of Twilight

Intoxika Taboo

Tikiyaki Orchestra- The Boobam Song

Richard Cheese- Sharp Dressed Man

The Swongos –  Broken Glass Beach

Kenny.Sasaki-Singapore Moon

Nicolas Godin-Twist à Saint Germain