Lahaina Sunset

A special show this week, I am joined by Mark Riddle of Quiet Village podcast and his character Marty Lush fame. He’s stopping by for a chat about his latest album Lahaina Sunset. We will look at some of the events  around the globe with A look at the World Of Swank and an interesting piece of fashion history

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Rumba in the Jungle

The Swongos –  Box Elder Bug

Mark Riddle- Lahaina Sunset

Rose Sinclair- Poinciana

Mancini-Blue Mantilla

Frankie Laine-I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good

Linda Carone-Free and Easy

Mario Grigorov- Snake Eyes

Drugstore Romeos- Wondrous Place

Steve Yeager- Monte Carlo

Vibes On Velvet- Ink Mysterioso

Daniel Pemberton-I, Spy

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlmited-Secret Lab