Cocktail Nation 589 Words With Wellsy Musical Hurrah

This week we welcome back Wellsy with his book recommendations  in Words With Wellsy, news on a DJ who disappeared but he’s back on our airways the sad news to Tony Bennetts Alzheimers plus the best Lounge and Exotica from across the globe.

Cherry Capri-One Mint Julep

Lava Lagoon-Hybrid Moments

L’Exotghost—Sunny Garcia

Exotik A GoG—MoonHawk

Jimmy Psycho-The Munsters

Ding Dong Devils-Yes Master

RCR -Watts Local

Clouseaux Noctopia

Cal Tjader-Soul Sauce

Jimmy Smith-The Cat

Reckless Night Ensemble-16 Pounds

Tnek Jazz Quintet-Del Sasser

Dennis Farnon -Arrivederci Baby

Roland Remington-Daktari