Mission Possible Winner and runner up

A couple of weeks ago we have launched competition to win a Cocktail Nation prize pack with a Spy themed mission to complete that we call…..Mission Possible

Congratulations to John Clexton from Michigan who picks up the CN prize pack  and runner up is Mike Fidler  who will score a gift from Koop. Thanks for participating in our little comp and we plan to bring another one soon!


Good evening….

A rogue terrorist organisation called KERMISH have infiltrated the Lounge and TIKI scene and they need to be exposed.

Your mission should you decide  to accept it is to shine a light on these imposters.

Using google earth you need to make your way to the Monte Carlo casino….there is a Mercedes parked out the front near the entrance. Our target is using this vehicle, obtain the number plate and hang onto this intelligence because you will need this later. 

Clue 2

In the song song by Swingerhead called She could be a spy

The seductress spy is staring at what waiting for some kind of sign. ..here is a clue..you can find the song on our recent show called Bond and Friends

Save this information you will need it later.

Clue 3

Combining the licence plate and the word Mercedes then email this information to CNMission@mail.com and wait instructions from the Handler. Remember the first to get the answer right will win the prize pack