Evenings At The Penthouse-Easy Living Penthouse


Never work too hard is my personal motto and so far I have fulfilled that each and every day.



June Christy -Give Me the Simple Life

Carmen Cavallaro-Stairway to the Stars

Henri Rene-Dinner For One Please James

Chet Baker-Look For the Silver Lining

Jame Spencer-Easy Living

Bob Thompson-Joie de Vivre

Nelson Riddle-The Joy of the Good Living

Chris Connor-Opportunity Please Knock

Janowski Singers-Ein Hoch der Liebe 

Tony Hadley -The Good Life

Irene Kral-It’s A Wonderful World

Julie London-Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Jerry Costanzo-Penthouse Serenade

Jackie Gleason-High On A Windy Hill

Knightsbridge-Theme From The Apartment

Letih Stevens And Shorty Rogers-Easy Mood

Mancini-Playboys Theme