A Tiki Trip


I’ve been missing my beachside holiday location so much that I have decided to head back to the beach by spinning some Exotica for the entire show.

Also going to talk to Thomas Mackay about his new album Vibra Cubana, the tribute to Cal Tjader.




Martin Denny-Enchanted Isle

Tiki Joes Ocean-Hotter In The Shade

Thomas Mackay-Black Orchid

Gene Rains-Tiki

Eden Ahbez- Edens Cove


L’Exotighost-Sunny Garcia

Lava Lagoon-Exotic Hideaway

Lava Lagoon-Hybrid Moments

The Marko Polo Adventurers-Night Of The Tiger

Les Baxter-Spice Islands Sea Birds

Tikiyaki Orchestra-Tabu For Two

Waitiki 7- Her Majestys Pearl