Spyvibe-The Unknown Man Of Shandignor


Got a big show this week as Jason Whiton from Spyvibe is here with another spy themed segment The Unknown Man Of Shandignor, a sneak peak of our upcoming interview with Kenny Sasaki and new music from Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, The Swongos


Theodore Shapiro-Labor Of love

The Swongos-Cardboard Creature

Alphonse Roy: The Unknown Man of Shandigor

Serge Gainsbourg: Bye Bye Mr. Spy

Tiki Delights-Shaken not Stirred

Martini Kings-Sway

Nicholas Godin-Casbah Lounge

Ellington Hawk-Harlem Nocturne

Bobby Darin-The Days Of Wine And Roses

James Spencer-Lady Of The Evening

Kenny Sasaki- Coral Breeze

Thelonious Monk -Lulus Back In Town

Julie London- Sophisticated Lady

Phines Newborn-I’ve Got The World On A String