Music For Tiki Bars

Kenny Sasaki  has a new album out so we will cross to Tokyo to get the lowdown on this new work from him and after the slap heard around the world we reveal another Oscars controversy from years gone by.

I’ve got a deep thought for you and a stack of new music.

It is the Cocktail nation on syndicated stations around the world and on iheart radio .

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Secret Lab

Acca Daiquris- Wild Thing

Kenny.Sasaki-Singapore Moon

Pink Martini-City Of Night

Brent Laidler- Sunday Mood

Jorge Garcia- ‘S Wonderful

Tiki Cowboys-Slap, Clap and Tickle.


Ball State University Jazz Ensemble- Late Nights

Serge Gainsbourg- Bye Bye Mr. Spy

Les Baxter-Pyramid Of The Sun

James Spencer- Nocturnal Tangier

Irving Joseph April in Brownsville

Frank Bennett- You’re Just To Hip Baby.

Teddy Randazzo-April