Who’s Got The Action


Lots of Spy Jazz tonight with a stack of Spy tunes for your his week and as part of that we talk to Author Gary Rabuzzi who has a new book out called Who’s Got The Action.


Jetset Unlimited-The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-The Flawless Ms Drake

Dean Martin-Who’s Got The Action

Jerry Goldsmith- Ladies Will Kindly Remove Their Hats

Thomas Grillo- Secret Agents from the Id

Daniel Pemberton- I Spy

Piero Umiliani- Chase

Gerry Goldsmith- Our Man Flint_ Never Mind, You’d Love It

Pepper Greenwald- Rooftops

Tiki Delights-Shaken not Stirred

Spy Fi-Experiment In Terror

Lalo Schifrin-Mission_ Impossible

John Barry-You Only Live Twice

Daniel Pemberton- Escape from East Berlin

Nicolas Godin- Au service de la France

Roland Shaw- Mr. Kiss-Kiss, Bang-Bang

Roland Shaw-Ipcress File

Mexacali Brass- Thunderball

Si Zentner- The James Bond Theme