Auto Universum -MGTC

Cocktail Nation  671 Auto Universum -MGTC

This week we unveil a new segment with James M Kraus all about sports cars for lounge lotharios, lots of new music coming your way along with the World Of Swank Gig Guide

Richard Cheese-Toxic

Tikiyaki Orchestra- Space Tango

James Spencer- Laura

Daniel Pemberton- I, Spy

Hollywood  Noir Orchestra-Touch of Evil

Don Tiki-Hot Like Lava

Ixtahuele- Land of Twilight

Stolen Idols- Monkey Mayhem

Steve Yeager- Kiss Me Quick

Linda Carone-Thrill Me

Martini Kings – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimted-Sitar Jerk

Mario Grigorov-Every Little Movement

Spy F-Munsters_Hawaii Five-O

Narco Lounge Combo- Alphaville