Album Special-Herb Alpert

A jam packed show this week with lots of new music coming your way, a look at the World of Swank gig guide this week. Deep thoughts, funny history stuff and an Album special with Herb Alpert and the iconic album Whipped Cream and other Delights.  

Mario Grigorov-Every Little Movemen

Richard Cheese-Baby Got Back (Live From Hollywood)

Herb Alpert-A Taste Of Honey

Ixtahule-Land Of Twilight

Tikiyaki Orchestra-En Flambe

Linda Carone-Thrill me

Kenny Sasaki-Quiet lagoon

Swongos-Bax Elder Bug

Theodore Shapiro- Labour Of Love

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Secret Lab

Alex Keak-Latino

JazzTronic-Adventures in Paradise

Tiki Delights-Case Verde Samba

Honolulu Transport-Marvellous

Mr Moat and the Tiki Heads-The Dawn of Tiki